1. Have a front company run as a street mission on the LA surface. Give it some schmaltzy name like “Family Home.”
  2. Have one demon (who probably went to human finishing school) masquerade as a street pastor. Get him to lure in dispossessed youths with promises of connection and “hope.”
  3. Capitalist USA has a system where poor people sell their blood (some nice, extra symbolism for you for the machinations of capitalism?). Those bleeders need to have blood tests to ensure that their claret is good vintage. With a stooge at the blood bank, you can find out who’s fit for work and who’s not (quicker than using Atos). And thus: who is fit for demonic abduction.
  4. As soon as these youths come through the gateway to your hell dimension, rough them up and terrorise them a bit.
  5. Set these sorry, indentured labourers to work. Add a few regular whippings and thrashings from the overseers. Voila. You got yourself a subservient, dull eyed slave population.
  1. Once they get too old to work, chuck the youths back out on the LA street. Remember that time runs a 100 times faster in the hell dimension? These sorry saps will be old and senile on their release back to the Earth above…so they won’t be believed. Plus — anyone who might have recognised them before, sure as hell won’t when they look 93.
  2. Once the luckless humans are in hell dimension they are “no one,” Anyone with the urge to use their own name has it beaten out of them. Workers need keeping in a permanent state of despair. This second rule helps to ensure the continued success of 1.
  3. Punish the the whole lot if one steps out of line (or at least threaten to) This might seem a bit like a return to school-time discipline. But the profits speak for themselves ok?
Ken:  What is Hell but the total absence of hope?  The substance, the tactile proof of despair.  You're right, Lily.  This is where you've been heading all your life.  



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